January 23rd, 2014 at 6:02 am by Marcus

I’m a bit of a quitter. I’ve been working with something completely unrelated to computer games (it doesn’t even require me to sit in front of the computer!!) for the past year, and what’s more, I’m reasonably happy about it.

I do have a couple of projects I still want to finish though.

Turnip Face

Turnip vs. Face Ship Empire, for starters. I think this a rather nice little classical shoot ‘em up. I suck at making bosses and apparently bosses are a big deal in this genre, but you know, besides that.


Untitled Turnip Metroidvania / Action Turnip 2 . It’s uh, a metroidvania. I think it could be rather nice. Plays well. Quit working on it after I got stuck on the level design. Or if it was doing AI for a rather large enemy.

I’m also entertaining thoughts of doing a Kickstarter for a cute turn-based tactical thingie (i.e. X-COM) / soap opera game, but who knows.

Well, fans! If the five of you still exist! Now you know.

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